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Allytech is a full-service metal fabrication company based in China, providing metal prototype and production parts for various industries. At the beginning, we focused on machined parts and sub-assemblies. Today we have become a one-stop supplier offering including but not limit to precision machined components, metal stamping & sheet fabrication parts, forging, aluminum extrusion, casting and assembly service.

  • We serve a variety of clients,
    from small companies just starting up,
    to major corporations with established histories.
    We can manufacture a single part or component as a deliverable,
    and we can provide complete product development
    and manufacturing with assembly and finishing services as well.

Our aim is to be your whole solution provider to metal fabrication, supporting customers in finding solution for their specific applications and providing services as a long-term partner. Our strategy to achieve this aim is based upon a highly skilled and experienced workforce.