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Quality GoalZero defect in delivery products

Our comprehensive ISO certified quality system controls every part from order entry, to final delivery. Quality engineer relies on the latest state-of-the-art measuring devices to monitor every step of manufacturing process. From raw material receiving, first piece, in-process, subcontractor services, final completion, to shipping. Quality department maintains complete records of part quality and lot traceability to raw materials which available for customer evaluation. 

At Allytech, not only QA Dep.control the quality. All staff concerns on quality. We are constantly striving to achieve our ultimate goal of “zero defects”. We proactively investigate the root cause and immediately implement a corrective action. These preventative measures are then implemented, tracked and evaluated to verify their effectiveness. We continue to improve our quality system through constant evaluation, education and commitment. We continue to strive for our goal of “zero defects”.

Quality Control Process

Engineering Dep. Responsible for communication with customers on products. According to the customer's requirements Engineers start on developing products and distributing the IQC,SOP,IPQC and FQC benchmark, Production Dep.and QA Dep.control and inspect the quality according to it.
-Incoming Inspection
All raw material and finishing treatment are certified by our suppliers and must pass receiving inspection before they are released for production. In some cases raw material samples may be sent to independent labs for special testing to meet a customers demands. All raw materials are marked so they may be traced to their original certification at any time during production.
-In Process Inspection
All phases of production are monitored by in-process inspection. A first-piece inspection is always conducted at each manufacturing stage. No production run begins until a first-piece inspection is completed and the results are found acceptable by the Quality Control staff. Each machine operator performs continuous inspection while producing the parts, checking dimensions with gauging tools as well as observing the appearance and surface characteristics of the part. A inspector periodically audits samples of the product from each machine, taking samples at designated time intervals.
-Final Inspection
Only after inspector's approval and "OK"marking, the finish product can be store in warehouse or shipping to customer.

Quality Assurance

- Quality is our bottom line

- Rigorous quality testing and assurance

- First-rate quality assurance program

- Multiple quality labs with full-line measuring systems


At Allytech we offer high quality work in every exporting order. Not only we are also ISO quality certified, but also we have special certifications needed for special industries to manufacture and export, and we take any new requirements from the order as new elements into our quality system.